Welcome! I'm a new Pittsburgher and mom who is untrained in both life and cooking, but that just makes them both more exciting!

Buster at the Park

Spring is a very happy time in Buster's life.  It is when he gets to return to his happy place, a.k.a Breakheart Reservation.  As soon as the ice has melted we make our inaugural walk through the woods and Buster gets to go swimming and play with the other dogs at the Barking Lot. Yes, the dog run is actually called the Barking Lot. 

Normally, Buster would see a camera and immediately run and hide, but there was no getting him down this day.  No, this was the day that he had spent months waiting for and I wasn't about to ruin it with my scary black clicking machine.  So, of course, I took as many pictures as possible.  I never know when an opportunity like this will come around again!

"Daaad, stop it!  You're embarrassing me!"

Buster will have fun in pretty much any area with water.  This little stream just happened to be a side effect of the massive flooding we had this spring. 

Judging from the amount of focus in his eyes, I'm guessing that Buster was looking at a squirrel when this picture was taken.  "Leave it" is a helpful phrase to know if you don't want to be dragged halfway through the woods.

The Barking Lot.  Is there a happier place on Earth?

The dogs are allowed on the beach before the summer season starts.  Then they get sent to the little coves around the other parts of the lake.  The water was just above freezing, but that didn't stop Buster (or any of the other dogs) from jumping in.  At this point Jake and I were wondering if we were ever going to be able to get him to leave the park. 

Eventually, we did leave.  We didn't have any camping equipment and I don't camp.  So that worked out perfectly.  But summer is just around the corner, so soon we'll be back too many times to count.  And then a few more times after that.

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