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The Nursery is (Almost) Complete!

Hooray!  The nursery is pretty much complete at this point.  Jake worked really hard to get it done before the shower, and then soon afterward we filled it up with a ton of stuff from the sunroom because he had SO much fun replacing the ceiling in the nursery that he decided he would continue the trend.  And the sunroom needs insulation now that it will function as an actual guest room. 

This room was a labor of love, that's for sure.  Jake worked on it pretty much non-stop for several weeks, his dad came to help for a weekend, Meghan helped with the decorating (everyone should have friends who are merchandisers), and I... well, I worked on growing the child.  And I took over most of the dog walking/ dish cleaning duties while Jake was busy in the room.   That must count for something, right?

We still need to put an area rug in the room, get a cushion for the rocking chair, and hopefully get front-facing book racks for the big blank wall that doesn't have anything on it right now.  Or just pictures.  Not sure yet.

The rocking chair is actually the one that my mom and dad used when Dan and I were babies.  And somehow it is still in really good shape!  Lucky break. And the closet is completely filled with baby essentials already (and there is actually a lot more now than there was when the picture was taken!).  Holy guac, who knew how much stuff you needed to be a parent?! 

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