Welcome! I'm a new Pittsburgher and mom who is untrained in both life and cooking, but that just makes them both more exciting!

Baby Love

It has been two weeks of baby love.  And baby exhaustion.  And lots of visitors.  But now we are getting  used to our family of four (including Buster!) and are starting to figure out what we are doing.  Well, that's generous.  We don't really have any clue what we are doing.  But we're trying! 

Having a baby has completely changed two perspectives that I thought I knew pretty well before Lily was here.  The first is pain.  Holy guac!  The labor was quick, which is good, but when labor pains go from nothing to everything in 4ish hours things get i.n.t.e.n.s.e.   Of course she is worth it, but next time I'm in the emergency room with a broken finger and they ask me what my pain level is on a scale of 1-10 my answer will be a lot different than it would have been a month ago.  The other is love.  Who can prepare you to love this little baby who screams at you as often as she sees fit?  And who sees no reason why you should get a full night's sleep?  Maybe it's those baby eyes.

Or those baby paws.

Or her baby snuggles.

Or baby mohawk.

Or the way she sees no evil.

Or the look on her face when we give her lemons.

Either way, we love her.  Probably too much for our own good.  By the way, has anyone seen Waldo around?

Happy Halloween!

Pardon The Interruption...