Welcome! I'm a new Pittsburgher and mom who is untrained in both life and cooking, but that just makes them both more exciting!


Ok, now that a month has passed since returning from the family vacation in Nantucket, I figure it is time to share a few of my favorite pictures: Here is the whole family in front of the rental house.  There were about 100 pictures taken just to make sure that we got a good shot, and as it turned out, the very first one was the best.  Funny how that works.

Another picture of the family from the 4th of July.  Nonnie decorated the table with little American flags and Dan displayed his plate of food for all to see.  What's more American than flags and food?

Look at the facial expressions during an intense game of beer pong.  Is there any possibility that these two are related?

Jake and I went to the beach.  I won't say that Jake dragged me there, but I'm fairly certain that had he not been persistent with his puppy dog eyes, the entire vacation on a small island would have been completely beach free for the family. 

Proof that I touched sand without socks on! 

Jake tempting death by playing around in the waves.  It looks like the waves won this round, but Jake didn't seem to mind.  I, on the other hand, will never enter an ocean again unless a cruise ship is sinking.  Too flipping scary!

Call the coast guard!  I spy a beached whale!  (I kid, I kid)

Dad and Dan called the sky that morning to coordinate outfits. 

We needed to get a picture with this lighthouse before it falls into the ocean.  Which, according to the tour guide, will be happening very soon.  The $10 million houses nearby will also be falling into the ocean.  Talk about a bad investment! 

55 years!  Can you believe that these two love birds have been married for so long AND still like each other? 

Overall, the trip was fabulous and fun.  We somehow went an entire week without killing each other and without getting photographic proof of our daily ice cream trips.  Dan walked an average of 27 miles per day, Dad smoked cigars while laying in the hammock, and I managed to read an entire economics text book.  Success!

Brown Sugar Fruit Gratin

Blueberry Boy Bait