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Our First Tree

Jake and I have never been home for Christmas before and we've never had a baby during the holidays.  So, we didn't really feel a huge need to decorate the house or get overly festive.  This year everything changed!  So last weekend we bundled Lily up and set off to find the perfect tree. 

Jake said, "The school down the street is selling trees.  Let's go there!"  Well, that was the day that Lily learned that she has a liar for a father.  No trees for sale at the school.   She was so embarrassed, she had to hide her face.  

There was a nice pine tree across the street, but our ceilings aren't high enough for it.  And we left our saw at home.

So we loaded up the car and we moved to Beverly went to another tree stand at the local ice cream shop. 

Oops, sorry little one!  Didn't notice your hat there.

Of course, I show up with the guy who brings a measuring tape to the Christmas tree shop.  Engineers... can't live with 'em, can't fit a tree in the family room without 'em.

But then we found our perfect tree.  And it fit through the door just fine.

Lily approves!

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Vanilla-Peppermint Cupcakes

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