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Halloween 2012

This year was not only our first Halloween in a new town, but it was also Lily's first chance to go trick-or-treating.  So, imagine our family's sadness when superstorm Sandy delayed the festivities until Saturday evening.  We didn't want to wait another minute to celebrate, but I for one was much happier walking the streets begging for candy NOT soaking wet.  Of course, there are a lot of families who didn't get the chance to celebrate at all this year, and they have all been in our thoughts this week.

Since Lily is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, her costume was a no-brainer.  She was a cow last year, which was absolutely adorable, but she didn't really understand why she was dressed up.  This year, she gets it.  When Lily saw herself the in mirror for the first time, she just about died with happiness.  She kept yelling, "Hi Mickey!  Hi Mickey!" while jumping up and down and waving.  My heart melted.

Bobo came over to see the mouse and hand out candy (while watching the heartbreaking Pitt football game).  And he enjoyed giving Lily all the candy she wanted.  It must be nice to get to LEAVE when bedtime arrives for a sugar-high toddler.

Wagon = Lifesaver.  It was clutch when it came to transporting Mickey around the neighborhood.  She didn't get too tired or cranky, and we were all able to move along at a pace faster than toddler-in-oversized-slippers.

Also, I just have to take the chance to show off how seriously our new neighbors take Halloween.  There were flashing lights and smoke machines and even a bon fire.  Awesome!  I'm already looking forward to next year!



Mickey Mouse Cookies

Mickey Mouse Cookies

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