Welcome! I'm a new Pittsburgher and mom who is untrained in both life and cooking, but that just makes them both more exciting!

Easter 2013

Since I didn't take any pictures of the food I made on Easter (with much help from my mother-in-law!), I figure the least I can do is share some pictures of my little bunny. We went to the town Easter egg hunt with Bobo and that girl meant business.  She filled up her whole basket, weaving through the throngs of kids to get all of the Tootsie-Roll-filled eggs.  It helped that, as a 2-year-old, she was grouped with infants. Next year will be a true test when she moves up to the 3-5 year old range.


At home, Lily showed her egg-dying prowess.  For a girl who oftentimes refuses to eat with utensils, she was able to use a spoon to dip each egg in the dye and then transfer it to the drying rack without breaking a single one.  The dying was followed up by adding stickers and awesome little Mickey Mouse wraps that seal themselves to the egg when dipped in hot water.  SO much fun to do.  Where were those when we were kids!?

xIMG_5138 xIMG_5121

Then, Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny came and hid candy-filled eggs all over the front yard.  Oh my!  Dressed in a tutu and with the help of Uncle Dan, it was another successful hunt.  Followed up by a feast of deviled eggs, broccoli cauliflower au gratin, roasted asparagus, garlic cheddar biscuits, salad, and ham for the omnivores at the table.  It was a great holiday.  I can't wait for next year!






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