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Cookbook Giveaway!

** Winner!** The winner of the cookbook is Melissa Bakes, who wrote "Carrot cake is definitely my favorite cake!"

Congrats!  Now I want some cake...

Who wants A World of Cake?! You may remember the Johnnycakes and the Cream Tarts, both of which came from this cookbook.  I can't wait to make more recipes, and want you to be able to try them out, too! 

So, leave a comment saying what your favorite kind of cake is and you'll be entered.  Easy as pie cake!  Lily's rooting for you!

*As a side note, you have to live in the US to win.  But if you live outside of the US and actually read this blog then definitely tell me because I'll fall on the floor in a state of shock.  A winner will be picked at random on April 15th.  The good people of Storey Publishing are sponsoring this giveaway.

Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Dulce de Leche (Slow Cooker Style)