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Dulce de Leche (Slow Cooker Style)

Sometimes, I can be lazy.  There are clothes piled on top of my dresser and dust bunnies hiding in, oh, EVERY corner of the house.  I just let them live and grow in peace.  Actually, I'm a little behind on things because of the little baby (and her best pal) who demand attention, a research paper, a class, a full-time job, volunteer work, and the rest of everything going on in my over-scheduled life.  Which is why this dulce de leche recipe is amazing.  There is - wait for it - one ingredient!

That's right.  One.  And when it is done cooking you have some of the most delicious caramel for dipping fruit in, topping ice cream with, or eating directly with a spoon.  I even made this with regular condensed milk and low fat, and found that even though the texture was different (the low fat was thinner), the taste of the low fat version was still really great.  And by throwing it in the slow cooker it is really the easiest food that I have ever made.  There is really no reason not to try this one!

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1 or 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk

Remove the labels from the cans and wrap them in aluminum foil (I'm not sure why I did this... I think I read somewhere that it protects the crock pot).  Set the cans in a slow cooker and completely cover them with water.  Cook on low for 7-9 hours depending on how you like your caramel.  The longer you leave it the darker it will be.

Take the cans out with tongs so that you don't burn yourself.  Let them cool a bit and then open and enjoy!  Refrigerate any unused dulce de leche.

Source: Crockpot 365, among many other websites that have done the same thing

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