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Queso Blanco Egg Sandwich (Mexican Leftover Breakfast)


And you thought that the queso blanco from last month was just for tortilla chips.  No no, my friend!  It is so delicious that you can pour it over egg whites and a whole-wheat English muffin and you will completely forget that it isn't a fried egg over thick-sliced sourdough.  OR, if you're into that kind of thing, you can pour it over a fried egg and thick-sliced sourdough.  Frankly, you could pour it over cereal and I wouldn't blink.  Love. it.

Speaking of eggs, I hope you had a happy Easter (or Passover)!  Ours was fun and low-key, and made complete with a dinner of chips and dip.  Lily celebrated by eating hummus and contracting a contagious bacterial infection, making my first week back at work a partial one while she recovers at home.  Thanks for making me look good to the boss, kid.  But an even bigger thanks for not giving me your rashy infection!


This isn't really a recipe as much as it is a "don't forget that queso goes with everything" memo.  So please feel free to adjust the ingredients as you see fit.

Queso Blanco Egg Sandwich

1 English muffin butter (optional) 2 eggs (or egg whites) 2 slices of tomato queso blanco salsa

Toast and butter the English muffin.  While it is toasting, spray or butter a frying pan and cook the eggs.  If you are using whites, you will do it as though you are making an omelette (so that the eggs form a "patty" of sorts).  To assemble, put a tomato slice on top of each side of the muffin.  Then top with the eggs, cheese, and salsa.  Easy!  This is an open-faced sandwich, so unless you're feeling might brave you're probably going to want a knife and fork. 

Source: My dad first made it while nursing me back to health last month.  Needless to say, my back was immediately healed upon eating it.

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