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Kid-Friendly: Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

Kid-Friendly: Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

When Austin and Travis came to visit a couple of weeks ago, they grabbed one of these little egg nests off the counter and asked if Lily made it at school.  That's how easy these are to prep.  They thought that a 17-month-old could do it.  And maybe she could, but no, we don't let the baby handle foods that are hot enough to be in liquid form and candy eggs that are the exact size of her airway.  Mommy made this batch.


Mini Cadbury Eggs are my FAVORITE candy in the world (Jake's mom bought me a 10 pound bag and it lasted... well... not as long as it would have if handed to a pack of hungry school children), so why wasn't I the first to think of this adorable nest idea?  Alas, I just copied it.  If you ever have an extra 12 hours and a need to smile, then start clicking through the archives of Cute Foods for Kids.  I'm not kidding.  Do not go there if you aren't prepared for a time investment.  (See what I mean with the cute factor?)


Chocolate Easter Egg Nests

4 spoons 1/3 cup chocolate chips 12 mini chocolate eggs chocolate sprinkles

Melt the chocolate either over a double boiler or on the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring between each interval.  Dip a spoon in the chocolate, coat it, and let the excess drip off.  Set on parchment paper and put three eggs into the middle.  Sprinkle the chocolate sprinkles around the eggs.  Do the same with the other spoons and let them cool completely in the fridge.  You can either eat them directly or eat the eggs off and stir the spoon into coffee.  Either way is tasty!

Source:  Cute Food for Kids

The best part of making melted chocolate treats?  Leftover chocolate makes great bark!


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