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Snow White Popcorn Treats

Snow White Popcorn Treats

Since most of the country has been getting hit with snow recently, I asked myself, "What could possibly be better than making a treat out of all snow-white ingredients?"  Ok, that's not exactly how it happened, but it would have made a good story, right? 

In reality, Jake and I happen to have a super pack of popcorn that I got on sale, and when that is combined with the marshmallows, white chocolate, and sea salt that were already in the house, it makes a very tasty winter-themed treat.  It reminds me of those kids who will only eat things that are white (potatoes, bread, vanilla ice cream, etc.).  This would be perfect for them!

Here is how I made it:

1 large or 2 small bags of popcorn ~20 marshmallows 2 Tbsp butter 1/4 cup white chocolate chips 1 tsp sea salt

Pop the corn and spread it out on a baking sheet that has been sprayed with cooking spray.  Make sure that you take all of the unpopped seeds out at this point or you will regret it later when you are biting into the treat and you end up making an emergency trip to the dentist.  

Over medium-low heat, melt the butter and the marshmallows, stirring constantly.  Don't rush it!  Using a higher heat will just burn them. 

Once they are completely melted and liquidy, remove from the heat and pour over the popcorn.  Using a silicone spatula (just because it is less sticky than other utensils), gently toss the popcorn with the melted marshmallow and try to push it down into a somewhat flat layer without breaking all the kernels.

Next, melt the chocolate in the microwave, stirring it every 30 seconds. 

Evenly drizzle the melted chocolate over the popcorn, and while it is still wet sprinkle the sea salt on top.  Then let the whole thing sit for about half an hour so that it will have a chance to set up and not be as sticky when you eat it.  Unless you don't mind liking your fingers.  In that case, just go ahead and eat it right away.

In case you couldn't tell by now, I'm a big fan of the salty/sweet pairing (chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate caramel crackers).  This popcorn treat is just another example of why it is the best food combo ever.  Yum.

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