Welcome! I'm a new Pittsburgher and mom who is untrained in both life and cooking, but that just makes them both more exciting!

Momma's Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday, and in honor of it I am posting a couple of videos that should would have gotten a kick out of. Her grandbaby loves the rain and was a wild woman yesterday!  There were many more videos recorded following this one (including a baby doll sacrifice to the rain gods), but Lily was SO over wearing a diaper and ripped it off, so those will stay in the family vault until she has a prom date to embarrass.

Lily can't get enough of the rain!
Lily counts!

And here is another one from a few months ago when Lily was learning to count.  But don't play this in front of her unless you have gold fishies at hand because she will THROW A FIT for them.  I learned this the hard way.  Twice. And, no, I never realize I am holding the camera the wrong way until the very end. Oops!

Strawberry Cream Pie

Zucchini Pancakes