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In a Hoboken State of Mind

This past (freezing cold) weekend Jake and I drove south to visit Austin, Travis, and Gus at their new condo in Hoboken, NJ.  They packed up their Upper West Side apartment and embarked on semi-suburban homeownership.  They also bought a minivan and popped out 2.5 kids like you're supposed to do when you move out of the big city (kidding).  Austin has embraced her new kitchen with the real countertops and appliances that she has been missing for the last four years.  In fact, she had homemade chili waiting for us when we arrived!

Not surprising to anyone who knows us, the whole weekend was one big foodfest.  I literally don't think that we had a 3 hour period of time that didn't involve eating at least a snack.  And by "snack" I mean an 8"x10" hunk of crumb cake from Carlo's Bake Shop (and italian cookies and cannolis and pretty much anything else that will send you to an early grave).  Yum. 


We also ate at a Mexican restaurant where the waiter makes fresh guacamole right at the table for you!  Yes, it is as good as it sounds. 

Then there are the obligatory New York foods that you would really be a fool to miss while visiting so close to the city.   This fresh hot bagel made my life better:

And is there any pizza better than New York pizza?  Of course, those in Chicago are screaming "Yes, there is a better pizza!" but I am choosing to ignore them for the time being.  Maybe when I visit Chicago I will change my tune, but for right now this slice was pretty much heaven. 

Then to burn off all of those calories, we watched our pups run around the local dog park.  Dogs can burn off calories for humans, right?  Buster nominated himself to be the local welcoming committee for every single dog that entered the park after us.  Gus, on the other had, was solely focused on playing fetch and was NOT happy about any other dogs trying to chase the ball with him.  Our dogs are pretty much exact opposites. 

Overall, it was an awesome weekend.  Are you jealous?  "Tough noogies!!"  (That's my ode to Buddy from Carlo's Bake Shop.)

Sea Salt Caramels

Sea Salt Caramels