Welcome! I'm a new Pittsburgher and mom who is untrained in both life and cooking, but that just makes them both more exciting!

Apple Crumble

On Veteran's Day I didn't have work and had so many good intentions of getting chores done and running errands. Of course, none of this happened. But I did make an apple crumble to take to work tomorrow! There really isn't a recipe for my crumble. It is more a matter of what we have in the house and what kind of mood I am in. For someone who loves baking, I'm not the biggest fan of rules... which is why some of my creations end up disasters (e.g. homemade icing).

This apple crumble has a couple of different kinds of apples - whatever was in the fridge. It seems that having different apples helps to make the taste more complex. But that might just be something I tell myself when I don't know what kinds of apples I'm throwing in there. I threw some lemon juice and brown sugar on the apples and called it done.

For the topping I mixed about 1 tablespoon of melted butter with one of those individual serving size cups of apple sauce. This was an attempt to keep the calorie count down. Then I mixed in some wheat flour, oats, brown sugar, sliced almonds, and raisins. I dotted the top of the apples with tiny little bits of butter and then threw the topping on top (which makes sense considering the name).

I put the apple crumble in a 350 degree oven and forgot about it. Literally. I cooked it for way too long and the topping was dried out. Thankfully, I had some apple cider in the fridge so I brushed it on top and it saved the whole dish. Maybe I should screw it up every time!

Here are some pictures of the final product. I was trying to be all creative so I took one in a pile of leaves...

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